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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Random Randomness

I have two pictures to share today, but I should warn you that they are totally random and unrelated. First, you might remember my earlier mention of my exciting new kitchen decor. Well, we (meaning Matt) finally got it hung today on our kitchen wall and it is awesome!


Next, I am just in love with these trees that are blooming in our yard right now. I have completely blanked on the name of the tree but aren't these the sweetest little blossoms you have ever seen? They are very tiny, like the size of a pea, but the trees are just covered in them right now. I heart Spring.

Stay tuned, I have recipes for you. Coming soon - an easy vegan Pad Thai recipe and a review of a new strawberry pie recipe I made today but haven't tried yet (I am a model of self-restraint).


Dana said...

Even more random... LOVE your ceilings. And do you have a paint chip name for your walls? I've been trying to achieve that shade (or something like it) for a while. I know rooms and lighting and yaddah differ, but....

Tamara said...

dana, I found the paint can and it's a custom mix but I can give you the formula from the label if you're interested.