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Friday, May 25, 2007

The Labradorite Obsession Continues...

Is it strange that I sometimes post more than once a day? I like this blogging thing, and it seems like I often have both jewelry- and non-jewelry-related things to talk about, and for some reason I like to separate them. Anyhoo...

I am still totally in love with labradorite, and here's what I've made recently with it:

labradorite ocean necklace

Siren of the Sea Necklace

labradorite pearl earringsLabradorite Daggers Earrings (ooh, sounds scary!)


Robin Marie said...

The stones you used for those earrings, oh my godness. Gorgeous! Where do you find these things?

Also, blogging is addictive, especially if you spend a lot of your day in the house or studio by yourself!

Tamara said...

Hi Robin, funny you should ask! I probably should have mentioned in my post that those are some of the stones I sell in my Etsy bead shop.



Robin Marie said...

Ooohh...once this season kicks into gear you will be hearing from me, I promise! I never want hundreds of the same focal bead, I love that you have smaller quantities!