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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Despite our seemingly endless string of family illnesses*, Matt and I have been very busy lately with projects around the house. I think we're both excited for Spring to arrive and we want to make our house and yard a more enjoyable place to hang out when the weather is good. The chicken house is finished and now we're working on the fence for the little attached yard. (I'll post pictures of the whole setup once the fence is done in another day or so.)

* Mind if I rant? Didn't think so... have I mentioned how constantly sick we have all been for the past couple of months? I think we've had every illness around, and the three of us just keep passing them back to each other. I thought I was finally on the mend and now today I'm feeling all congested and achy and tired. Besides just being generally a big pain, the constant yuckiness is wreaking havoc on my exercise routine. I guess I am a wimp but I just can't stand to run when my throat feels all filled with snot. Ugh.

Back on topic... another upcoming project, which I'm not ready to share in great detail yet {be patient!} has me motivated to get my workspace in better shape, so I've slowly been going through the mountains of beads in my many piles/drawers/boxes/bead trays and trying to get them organized and downsized. I have so much stuff I know I will never get around to using. Anyhoo, that brings me to the main point of this post... I have pictures of some things I'm de-stashing and ready to sell at low, low, LOW prices! It would be nice to not have to go to the trouble of listing each individual thing on Etsy (although I will if you guys don't come through for me here), so if you see something you want, email me and we can figure something out to get it to you quickly and easily. (Not that Etsy isn't quick and easy, I just hate to take the time to create an entire listing for one single $2 cabochon, you know?)

Labradorite cabochon, 11mm x 20.5mm, $5 {SOLD}

Labradorite cabochon, 17.5mm x 28mm, $10 {SOLD}

Labradorite cabochon, 23mm x 23mm, $10 {SOLD}

Peruvian opal cabochon, 12mm x 16mm, $4 {SOLD}

Peruvian opal cabochon, 12mm x 17mm, $4 {SOLD}

Fairly well-matched pair of peruvian opal cabochons, 12mm x 16mm, $6 {SOLD}

Lavender lace agate cabochon cut by fellow Etsian ahna, 29mm x 39mm, $9 (another photo here) {SOLD}

I think this is some type of chrysocolla cab, 25mm x 28mm, $9 {SOLD}

Sagnenite Agate Cabochon cut by fellow Etsian stonesinmotion, 22mm x 30mm, $9 (better photo here) {SOLD}

Marquis labradorite cab, 12mm x 30mm, $5 {SOLD}

Faceted labradorite cabs, 13mm x 18mm, $6 (These have some pretty visible inclusions.) {SOLD}

Pink opal cabochon, 13mm x 18mm, $2 {SOLD}

Pair of turquoise cabochons, 13mm x 18mm, $5

Carnelian button beads, 14" strands, ~5mm, $8 each (2 available)


cozysister said...

Hi. How big are the carnelian beads?

winterskeeper said...

Tamara, I love that lavendar lace agate piece. Can you make me something simple and pretty with that?

Tamara said...

cozysister, I just updated the description - thanks for pointing out the missing info. They're about 5mm in diameter.

Robin Marie said...

Your to consistently take beautiful photos amazes me! Wish I hadn't blown my off-season budget already! Good luck to you:)