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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dead Cow in my Mailbox and Burning Armpits

First, I thought you should know that the Tom's of Maine brand lavender deodorant has scalded my armpits. Really and truly. They are red and splotchy and hurt like hell. Now for the saddest part - after this happened today, I remembered that I have bought this product before and had the exact same result! D'oh.

Secondly, since you were all so kind as to join in on my shoe buying adventure a while ago, I thought you might like an update...

The Converse shoes I ordered for Carlos are adorable - I haven't tried them on him yet because he's asleep but they look like they might be a little too big, which is fine because he will grow into them.

The Simple shoes, which were listed on as vegetarian, are made of SUEDE. Real suede, not synthetic. There is a little animal hide icon on the label and everything. I am totally disgusted and obviously did not even try them on - they are going straight back. Blech. (So yes, girl least likely to, you were correct when you commented in my original post!)

I love the Merrells but they are a tiny bit too small so I'm exchanging them for a half size bigger. I hope those fit - they only come in regular width as far as I can tell and I think my feet might actually be a little wide, who knew?

Now these little beauties, which I have been calling the sexy grandma shoes in my head because they remind me of something my grandma would have worn, are hot. Unfortunately, they too were a little too small, so I've reordered them as well. Now I just have to figure out what to wear with them!

And with that, I officially resolve to not spend money on shoes for a very, very long time.


girl least likely to said...

aw man, that sucks super muchly. stupid people with their stupid mislabeling. :( sorry about your armpits too! hee.

JudyM said...

That sounds really painful. I've always liked to use aloe vera gel for skin irritations, and I think it's vegan, right? The kind I use contains only aloe vera, water, and a preservative.
As for the shoes, you really can't trust advertising, sad to say. Hope you get the right sizes in the ones you want to wear. I like the "grandma" ones, too.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Yikes about the deodorant!!

Can't believe that about the Simple shoes (and sorry I voted on them as my favorite)!! That deserves a complaint to the place where you bought them, when you can't see a shoe before buying, you really rely on their description. Even though their selection is much smaller, at least you know if you buy from mooshoes or vegan essentials that the product really is vegan.

On a side note, I just bought some really cute vegan shoes by J-41, I think they're actually listed on mooshoes, but I bought them locally.