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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gadgety Goodness

I must be in a serious shopping mood today. Usually gadgets and gizmos don't excite me too much; I try to keep things simple and only buy what I need, but this particular product does seem very useful to me, and since I know you all love cupcakes too, I'm thinking you might also be interested.
It's a cupcake courier - it carries up to 36 cupcakes to parties, picnics, or wherever. I know whenever I make cupcakes I am always at a loss as to how to transport them. None of my serving platters or plastic containers works well and they always end up getting smooshed or having their frosting smeared.

I might just have to splurge and buy one, if I can make cupboard space for it. Okay, time to get back to jewelry making, really!!!