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Monday, August 6, 2007

Makin' Stuff

Here are a few things I've made during my last several days of silence - nothing too earth shattering - it's tough to find the time to make the intricate stuff I really love between being buried in beads and being a mommy!

Bali silver & Swarovski pearl earrings

Green garnet, Bali silver, & Swarovski pearl bracelet

Labradorite, Bali silver, & aquamarine bracelet

Ornate Beaded Earrings - Sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, & Swarovski pearl

Ball & Chain Necklace - sterling silver


JudyM said...

More beautiful stuff. I really do like the Ornate Beaded Earrings. They're so elegant looking.

JudyM said...

Oh, I forgot the green garnet bracelet...I like it a lot too.

msbelle said...

I can't even seem to come up with one pair of earrings. Summertime is such a busy time for us mommies. It's only 3 weeks until Kevin starts kindergarten and I want to spend as much time with him while I still can!