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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ruby Ring & More Bali Beads

I got a lot of positive feedback on this iolite ring when I first posted about it, and while I was happy with the look of it, I was worried that the wire wasn't securely wrapped enough.

After some playing around, I came up with this alternate design, which I like even more, and which is a lot more secure.

This version is rubies with sterling silver, and I'm planning to make labradorite, iolite, and prehnite versions as well... and I might even try it with spinel. I'll post more pictures after they are done. For now, the ruby version is for sale in my jewelry shop, with more to come in a few days after I get caught up on a slew of custom orders...

It's funny how some things grow on you over time and some don't - when I made the first version of this ring (in prehnite, one of my favorite stones), it just wasn't wowing me, and I wasn't ready to offer it for sale, so I gave it to my mom. Well, she wore it all weekend while we were out of town together and somehow, seeing it on someone's finger day in and day out made me really like it more - isn't that odd?

I also got a few new styles of Bali beads in, which I'll be listing in my bead shop soon - here's a sneak peek:

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JudyM said...

I really like the way this new ring is wrapped. The wires between each stone make the stones stand out and you can more easily see the beauty of the my opinion.